NLC-NJ Helps Fix 1806 After Hurricane Sandy

NLC-NJ Helps Fix 1806 After Hurricane Sandy

rebuildkari.jpgWhen Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey at the end of October in 2012, NLC-NJ jumped into action.  The Halloween storm caused massive destruction throughout the state, leaving many families displaced and homes destroyed.

NLC-NJ sponsored one of their own.  Dean and Nadine Osmond, residents of Long Beach Island, were evacuated days before the storm and when able to return, came back to what they had feared: devastation.  Their home had been flooded, their belongings wrecked, and their house of thirty years in need of a complete rebuild.


Members of the NLC-NJ community immediately reached out to the family to support their fellow NLC-NJ graduate, Kari Osmond (Class of 2011).  NLC-NJ sponsored the house with members traveling to the shore to help the Osmond family with the demolition: emptying the house, tearing down walls, pulling up floors.  Through the generosity of the NLC-NJ family, the Osmonds were able to completely gut their house in one weekend, putting them on the fast track for rebuilding and eventually moving back in.

By the end of February of 2013, Dean and Nadine were able to move back into their home, months ahead of schedule because of the kindness of friends from the NLC-NJ community

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