The Mentorship Program – Overview

The mission of the New Leaders Council – New Jersey mentorship program is to enhance and support the NLC-NJ Institute by providing our fellows with a unique and rewarding mentorship experience. As such, each NLC-NJ Fellow will be paired with an established member of the progressive community who will act as a career and/or personal mentor to the Fellow to which they are assigned.

Program Requirements

  • Duration & frequency: Mentor will meet with Fellow at least twice over five months (e.g.: March/July; April/August)
  • Length of meeting: At least one hour
  • Mentor survey: We ask mentors to complete a short survey at the end of the formal Mentorship period to help NLC improve the program for future years

Program Structure

The NJ Mentorship Committee’s goal in overseeing the mentorship program is to allow mentors and fellows to tailor their relationships to the fellows’ individual needs and the availability of mentors. As such, the following are a few examples of activities in which mentors and fellows can engage:

  • an informal breakfast or lunch meeting
  • a day-in-the-life experience where the fellow shadows the mentor for a day
  • a tour of the mentor’s office
  • a lecture or networking event

Qualities of a Good Mentor

Our mentors are typically politically-minded, successful individuals with a vested interest in supporting future political and business leaders. Traditionally, our Mentors work within government, within politics, for non-profit organizations, in business, the legal profession, or within the media. Much like our Fellows, our Mentors hail from a wide variety of sectors.


If you are interested in serving as a mentor to our Fellows, please complete the application and a member of the Mentorship Committee will be in touch with you. If you have any questions or comments about NLC-NJ’s Mentorship program, contact James Woodson at

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